Luxury, Designer Wedding Albums

Our Albums and our vision

The Wedding Album is without any doubt one of the most important keepsakes you will have of wedding, and something that will forever showcase the mood, atmosphere and style of one of the most important days of your life.


Unlike anything else, the wedding album is a treasure that it’s value surpasses any description.


We believe it was necessary to offer quality, artistic, elegant, Made in Italy Wedding Albums that can perfectly reflect the essence of luxuriousness. 


Album to outlast generations

We have strongly committed to delivering albums that contributes to the history of a family, creating memories that will truly be cherished by the bride and groom’s kids, and grand kids.

The investment in our album is best to be considered as a gift for the whole family, due to the way it’s been captured, and designed, in a storytelling style, and the way it’s been crafted and the materials used.

The Paper

It starts with the paper we use to print the beautiful images on, in which we strictly use modern archival type paper, with metallic soft gloss. The paper is made to protect the print sharpness and colour accuracy to last for 200 years, one of the reasons why we use it, it’s because of it’s long life, and amazing colour representation.


The Leather

To top it up, we wrap our albums with high quality genuine leather, carefully fitted and hand-crafted in Italy, treated the same way as your Italian luxury designer hand bag, etc.

That protects the album and gives it a modern, high-end, raw feel. And a breathtaking presentation every time.


The Gallery

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Padded archival paper


The fine material we use and the techniques, confers heaviness to the book by adding an insert between the pages, also adds durability and rigidness to the album.

The Design Layout

Once we have wedding digital photos ready, we propose an album layout to our clients for approval. The design is done by our team who experienced your particular wedding day, and understand how to build a storytelling book.

Ultimately finishing the art-work that begins at shooting your wedding.


Our vision in design is to create a stunningly elegant book, focusing attention on the images and the story, eliminating design distraction.

We love giving enough space for each image to create impact and mood to bring you into the moment again.


Every single book, comes with a matching hard box, beautifully designed to complement the album presentation.

Storing the albums in their matching boxes is the most elegantly convenient way to either display it when needed, or store away safely.


All boxes are made of hard wood, wrapped in a matching material to the book cover, personalised with name prints of the bride and groom, with the date of their wedding.

A touch of Soft Lining

The accurate preparation and attention to detail is what distinguishes a quality product. Among these details, one of the most important is the lining: its colour guarantees the harmony between the outside and inside of the book, and its texture creates a balanced link between the precious cover material and the finished pages. 

Available Sizes

We are mainly offering 2 sizes of albums, meeting 2 important aspects in each of the sizes we offer, impactful large printing area, also, the portability of the book including the box.


Our book sizes range between the majestic 13 inch book, to the new and compact 12 inch.


Landscape Format: 8 x 12 ” OR 9.5 x 13 “


Below, is a real life size comparison 


We start with a stunning 40 pages, a lot to enjoy flicking through, with space for plenty of images.

However, we believe than every wedding is unique, and some require more pages than others.


We also love putting albums together and tell more of your story, and we feel like adding more pages to your album only makes the album more amazing, personal, and creates an emotional experience every time you view it.


Requesting additional pages to your album is in bundles. We add “10 Pages” at a time.

Min: 30 Pages – Max: 100 Pages

You can Pre-Order your album at the time of booking, or make alterations to the albums already available in our packages, to suit you and your wedding.


If we have already shot your wedding in the past, and you did not order an album, please contact us via E-mail, and we will be happy to assist you and create the album you dream of your dreams.