Frequently asked

Answers below will help you getting to know us better, and assist you provide you a glimpse of how our studio works.


We are a Sydney based Wedding Photography Studio. Started our journey in 2010, and gained experience day by day over the past 10 years, and improved a step forward with every wedding, over nearly a 1,000 weddings.

We love creating impactful, storytelling, romantic imagery for couples across the world.

For us, the bride and groom should be the centre of attention, not the photographer.

Our studio is lucky to have great talents in photography, editing and design.

We are currently 4 lead photographers, 2 assistants, 2 designers and a studio manager.

You can get to know more about our team here:


Of course. we have a password protected area on my website. Everything is be private for you only. 

If you don’t like to have any of your images shared on social media, just let us know.

We love travelling for weddings, and we are consistently getting inpiration from different cities to produce unique work.

We have created an all-inclusive price guide for international wedding photography, you can find it through the link below:



We are based in Sydney, and we travel all around the Greater Sydney Area for every booking we have. Free of charge.

Travelling outside Greater Sydney will insure additional charges.

Interstate and international weddings, do incur travel and accomodation fees. Please contact us for further information.

Image Delivery

Digital images will be provided on a personal password-protected online gallery, like the sample below:


You can access the gallery using any of you internet devices, and share images directly from there, or download the images to your device with one click.


6-8 weeks to receive the digital images.

Yes, all the image we deliver are in high-resolution printable sizes.

The number of images varies from one wedding to another.

Typically, for a 12hrs coverage you’ll be receiving 700-900 images.

(Please note – while you will not receive all the images taken on the day – you will receive the best)

Yes, our online gallery has different download options, where you can choose to download with/without a watermark.

We keep a secured copy for up to 3 years.

We do not. The editing of our images is just as important to us as the shooting.

You will however receive both high res JPG files (that you can print) as well as low resolution Internet sized files for sharing.

Editing / Retouching

Fine Art Retouching refers to any process used to alter an image in its physical look.

It also refers to digitally improve the images appearance.

Retouching can be used to remove a variety image defects for example dust or dirt on an an unwanted object in an image or, as is widely seen in fashion publications the physical defects of a model’s skin.

Modern digital retouching is carried out in photo editing software using numerous tools such as blurring brushes, color replacement tools, and clone stamps.

After the wedding, we receive all the images shot on the day. And we start image selection process, to get rid of any unwanted and unpresentable images.

All the images we select to deliver to you, will receive computer enhancements for the colour accuracy, brightness and contrast, and other adjustments.

Giving these images a unique look, making them pop and be ready to share with family and friends.

Digital images you receive will be colour corrected, and adjusted for brightness, colour and contrast.

This will enhance the images and give them a unique look.

Fine-Art Retouching is inclusive to all printed images. So all the images in the album, or frames, if included in your package.

Generally we provide around 15%  B&W of the total number of images.

However, there usually is a similar shot in colour as well, unless it can’t fixed in colour then it’s only in B&W.


Our style of photography is often 

 candid or documentary. What does that mean? It means I don’t run around posing everyone, instead I become part of your day, a quiet observer of things. I capture the real, the candid, the natural.

We mostly shoot in natural light! Natural light helps preserve the real mood and feeling at the wedding. We love using available light we have to make the best of a situation. Of course we use flash when necessary, or when we wanna create a surreal environment.

Everyone hopes for perfect weather on the wedding day, but sometimes Mother Nature has other plans. Don’t stress, rain on your wedding day will NOT ruin your wedding. It will still be a wonderful celebration. It also won’t be a problem for your photos. In fact, rain can lead to some of the most creative and fun wedding photos.

There are many places that can provide us cover from the rain, while allowing natural light to come through for photos.

No! It will be fun! You will laugh, giggle, smile and hold each other. You will goof around and have loads of fun with your new husband or wife and your bridal party. My approach is to make your wedding photos feel natural and unposed, and I pride myself on being able to help couples relax and enjoy the experience.

In regards to a one or two photographer package option there are a few things to consider.

Firstly, how many guests do you envisage you’ll have at your wedding? For weddings up to around 100 guests, one photographer can cover the day quite thoroughly. Sometimes couples also prefer to have less photographers present for a smaller wedding so a singular photographer is suitable. For a larger wedding we’d suggest having two photographers to suit the scale of the event.

This said, many of our couples opt for two photographers for their smaller weddings also as there are a couple of further advantages. Having two photographers allows for separate bride and groom getting ready coverage, multiple angles of key events throughout the day, and generally more ability to capture detail photos of settings and styling. We like our first shooter to be more of a prominent photographer on the day, who offers direction at times and is thorough in capturing the key bride and groom moments. This allows our second photographer to be a bit of an ‘invisible photographer’ who quietly captures candid moments of your family and friends whilst they are unaware that they are being photographed. The overall outcome is that your image set is a balance of key moments and quiet, candid moments, many of which you probably won’t have even been aware of on your wedding day.

Of course. Family photos is one of the most important part of our job. And we always try to dedicate the time for it.

Albums / Prints

Yes! You can order/purchase an album up to 1 year after your wedding. A lot of our clients order their album for Christmas or for their first year anniversary present.

Yes, if requested.

Otherwise, we can design an album for you and create a story telling book.

Yes, we do review the album design, and we receive feedback once so we could make any adjustments needed

Yes, When needed.

Once design it confirmed for albums and/or frames, we do perform additional editing to the images, for anything unpresentable, blemishes, scars etc.


Yes we do, our videography team is now capturing beautiful memories, and great team effort together with our photographers.

Our videography packages are available online, you can view the following link:

Video Prices and Packages

We provide a modern, cinematic video previewing the weddings most exciting moments, generally 20-30 Minutes in length. 

Our 20-30 mins highlights the whole event in a modern upbeat display.


We also provide the entire footage from our main cameras, with the long recordings, for the clients who would like to keep a backup copy on there end.

Yes, you can definitely provide your favourite music and songs for parts of the video.

Other parts, will be edited and music provided by the choice of our editors, depending on how the day rhythm and feel is.



Start by emailing us through the Contact page:

Click here to view CONTACT FORM.

We require details of your wedding day, with full names, addresses, and contact information.

Booking fee is %25 of the total amount, to lock in the booking.

A pre-wedding payment of the balance is required!

When confirming your booking, a 25% of the total amount is required as a deposit payment

The remainder will then be split into 2 payments, 90 days before the event date, and 10 days before the event date.

The outstanding amount is due at least 2 weeks before the wedding date. We can also help with a payment plan